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Book reviewed in this article:

The Mizanu'l Haqq (“Balance of Truth”). Ry the late Rev. Carl Gottlieb Pfander, D.D. Revised and enlarged by the Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall

The Persian Revolution of 1905–1909. By Edward G. Browne

Afghanistan: The Buffer State. By Captain Gervais Lyons, with introduction by Lieut.-General Sir Reginald C. Hart

The Glory of the Shia World: The Tale of a Pilgrimage. Translated and edited from a Persian manuscript by Major P. M. Sykes, assisted by Khan Bahadur Ahmad din Khan

Risalet ed Dalil ila Siwa es Sabil. (“Epistle of Guidance to the Right Road”). 16mo; pp. 167. No author, n.d. Can be obtained from the Beirut Press.

The Task Worth While; or, The Divine Philosophy of Missions. By Henry Clay Mabie

The Encyclopedia of Islam. A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Muhnmmedan Peoples. Edited by M. Th. Houtsma, T. W. Arnold, and A. Schaade

Annali dell'Islam. Cornpilati da Leone Caetani

The Religious Attitude and Life in Islam, being the Haskell Lectures on Comparative Religion delivered before the University of Chicago in 1906. By Duncan Black Macdonald, M.A., B.D.

Aspect of Islam. By Duncan Black Macdonald, M.A.