Book reviewed in this article

Nederland en de Islam. Vier Voordrachten Gehouden in de Nederlandsch-Indische Bestuursacademie. By Dr. C. Snouck Hurgronje.

Islam and Missions: Being papers read at the Second Missionary Conference on behalf of the Mohammedan World at Lucknow, January 23–28, 1911. Edited by E. M. Wherry, D.D., S. M. Zwemer, D.D., C. G. Mylrea

An Account of the Rise and Progress of Mahometanism, with the Life of Mahomet and a Vindication of him and his Religion from the Calumnies of the Christians. By Dr. Henry Stubbe, M.A. Edited by Hafiz Mahmud Khan Shairani

Neerlands Indië. Land en Volk, Geschiedenis, Bestuur, Bedrijf en Samenleving onder leiding van H. Colyn, Minister van Gorlog, door deskundigen op Veischillend gebied, met een voorwoord van J.-B. van Heutsz

Studies in the Evangelisation of South Africa. By G. B. A. Gerdener. 16mo

Miftah-ul-Quran. A Concordance with a Complete Glossary of the Quran. By Rev. Ahmed Shah.

Vorlesungen über den Islam. By Ignaz Goldziher

Tarikh Adab el Loghat el‘Arabiet. By Girgis Zaidan.

Al Hay'at Al-Kashfiyah li Hal Mushkilat Al-Bariyah. (“Revelations of‘Abdullah Al-Sayid Muhammad Habib concerning the Creation and the Sidereal Universe”). By Hassan Chevyhassib. Translated from the original Turkish by M. A. Chevky.

Inscriptions Arabes du Mont Tabor. P. Henri Lammens

Le “Triumvirat”: Abou Balw,‘Omar et Abou‘Obaida. P. H. Lemmens

Quelques légendes islamiques apocryphes. P. L. Chelkho

Waridat-ul-Habib Li Tanwir-il-Labib (“The Revelations of Habib for the Enlightenment of the Wise”). Hassan Chevky Hassib.

Recherches historiques sur les opérations usuraires et aléatoires en droit musulman. Par Félix Arin

De la tradition considérée comme source du droit musulman. Par M. Riad Ghali

La femme musulmane au Maghreb (Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie), Par Louis Millot

Gouvernement général de l'Algérie (Direction des affaires indigoènes.)

The Encyclopedia of Islam: A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Mohammedan Peoples. Prepared by a number of leading Orientalists. Edited by Dr. M. Th. Houtsma, T. W. Arnold, Dr. M. Seliosohn and A. Schaade.

An Arabic Grammar of the Written Language. By Rev. G. W. Thatcher, M.A.

Manual of Palestinean Arabic for Self - Instruction. By H. H. Spoer, M.A., Ph.D., and E. Nasrallah Haddad.

The Songs of Sidi Hammo. Translated by R. L. N. Johnston; edited by S. L. Bensusan

Der Koran. Eine Apologie des Christentums. By A. Amirchanjanz.

In His Name. By Diana Agabeg Apcar.

The Truth of Christianity: Being an Examination of the More Important Arguments for and against Believing in that Religion. By Lt.-Col. W. H. Turton

God's Plan for World Redemption. By Charles R. Watson

Wegweiser durch die Literatur der Mohammedanermission. By Pastor G. Simon.

The Holy Bible—Scofield References. Published by Henry Frowde

Report of the Conference of the Friends' Foreign Mission Association, York. February 10–14, 1911