Book reviewed in this article:

Studi Di Storia Orientale. Volume I. Islam e Cristianesimo—L'Arabia Preislamic—Gli Arabi Antichi. Dr Leone Caetani

Nederlandsch-Indische Menschen en Dingen (Men and Things in Dutch India), by Maurits Wagenvoort

The Moslem Christ. By The Rev. Dr. Zwemer.

The Quran: Arabic Text and English Translation, arranged chronologically, with an Abstract. By Mirza Abu'l

Prolegomena van Protestantsche Zendingswetenschap. Door Dr. F. E. Daubanton

Semitic Study Series. Edited by Richard J. H. Gottheil (Columbia University), and Morris Jastrow, Jr.

Kitab el Natijet al‘Asariya min El Mutarahat El Koraniya. (Narrative of Koranic Discussions).

Lectures on Moral Battles, by Dr. John R. Mott.

Tahdhir el Muslimin wal Muslimat min Mudaris el Nassara wal Mustashfiat. By Ahmad Ali El Maliji.

Report of the Eighteenth Conference of Foreign Missions Boards of the United States and Canada. pp. 170. Foreign Missions Library

Zustande im heutigen Persien, wie saie das Reisebuch Ibrahim Begs enthullt. Aus dem Persichen übersetzt und bearbeitet. By W. Schulz.

Geographische Charakterbilder aus der asiatischen Türkei. By Hugo Grothe.

A Conversational Grammar of the Hindustani Language. By the Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall

Elementary Arabic: A Grammar. By Frederic Du Pre Thornton

Elementary Arabic: First Reading Book. By Frederic Du Pre Thornton and Reynold A. Nicholson.

Elementary Arabic: Second Reading Book. By Reynold A. Nicholson.

Elementary Arabic: Third Reading Book. By Reynold A. Nicholson.

Arabic Prose Composition. By T. H. Weir.

Türkisch-Arabisch-Deutsches Worterbuch, by Tewfik Ahsan and E. A. Radspieler.

The Twentieth Century Urdu-English Dictionary. By Jatindra Nath Sen.

The Encyclopedia of Islam. A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography, and Biography of the Muhammedan Peoples. Edited by M. Th. Houtsma and T. W. Arnold.

The Coptic Congress. Held at Assiout, March 6th to 8th, 1911

Reply of the Executive Committee to the Article in Sir Eldon Gorst's Report

Fünfzig Jahre Batakmission in Sumatra. Von Lic. D. J. Warneck.

Nord-Togo und seine westliche Nachbarschaft. Von. R. Fisch

Drei Jahre in der lybischen Wuste. Von. I. C. Ewalds Falls.

The Mission Calendar, will issued by Dutch the Council for Mission Study next year, will bear the title, “Christus of Mohammed” (Christ or Mohammed).