Book reviewed in this article:

Annalid Dell' Islam. Compilati da Leone Caetani

Vol. II. Torno I. 7–11 A.H. (Milano, 1907, pp. lxxviii.-719, consette illustrazioni e quattro carte topografiche)

The Encyclopedia of Islam: A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Muhammedan Peoples. Edited by M. Th. Houtsma and T. W. Arnold

Neerlands Indië. Land en Volk, Geschiedenis, Restuur, Bedryf en. Samenleving onder leiding van H. Colyn, Minister van Oorlog, door deskundigen op Verschillend gebied, met een voorwoord van J.-B. van Heutsz

Daylight in the Harem: A new era for women. Being papers on present day reform movements, conditions and methods of work among Moslem women, read at the Lucknow Conference, 1911. Edited by Annie van Sommer and Samuel M. Zwemer.

Mohammedanism. By D. S. Margoliouth, D. Litt. Williams and Norgate, London. Price 1s.

Armeniens et Jeunes Turcs: Les illassacres de Cilicie. By A. Adossides

Hadjin and the Armenian Massacres. By Rose Lambert.

The New Spirit in Egypt. By H. Hamilton Fyee.

Les Eunuques d'Aujourd'hui et Ceux de Jadis. Par le docteur Demetrius A. Zambaco Pacha.

Abdoerraoef van Singkel; Bijdrage tot de kennis van de mystiek op Sumatra en Java. Academisch proefsohrift ter verkrijging van den graad van Doctor in de taal-en letterkunde v/d O. I. Archipel

Boukharskoie Khanstvo Pod Rousskim Protectoratom. By D. N. Logofet

Kitab al Kaul al Mubin fi ‘Rud’ ala al Mubasherin. By Muhammad Tala'at.

The Revolution in Constantinople and Turkey. By Sir William Ramsay

Le Beyan Persan. By Seyyed Ali Mohammed. Translated from the Persian by A. L. M. Nicolas

Le Cheikhisme (Extrait). By A. L. Nicolas.

La Science de Dieu. By A. L. M. Nicolas.

Mystics and Saints of Islam. By Claud Field.

Some Great Leaders in the World Movement. By Robert E. Speer.

Zig-zag Journeys in the Camel Country. By S. M. and A. E. Zwemer

Lethaby of Moab. By Thomas Durley

Life in the Moslem East. By Pierre Ponafidine. Translated from the Russian by Emma Cochran Ponafidine

Revue du Monde Musulman, November, 1911. La Conquète du Monde Musulman

Das Erwachen der mohammedanischen Welt und die Aufgaben der Christenheit. A lecture, delivered by Richard Schafer

Who is Sufficient. Aiinunl Report and Review of the Sudan United Mission, 1911. Edited by William J. Roome.