Book reviewed in this article:

El‘Aka'id el Wathania fi'd Diyanat an-Nassraniya. By Mohammed Tahir et Tanir

Tafnid at Tazwir li Muhammad Tahir et Tannir (Refutation of the Falsification of Mohammed Tahir et-Tannir). Les Prétendus Emprunts du Christianisme aux Cultes Paiens. By Fr. L. Cheikho

Christianity and Other Faiths. By W. St. Clair Tisdall

De l'Etat Présent et de l'Avenir de l'Islam: Six Conferences Faites au Collége de France en 1910. Par E. Montet.

Haut-Sénégal-Niger. (Soudan frangais). A Series of Studies published under the direction of M. Clozel, Governor of the French Soudan. First Series. By Maurice Delafosse.

Mohammed et la fin du monde. Etude critique stir l'Islam primitif. Paul Casanova

Das Staatsrecht der Zaiditen. Studien cur Geschichte and Kultur des islamisehen Orients. By R. Strothmann

Cultus der Zaiditen. By R. Strothmann

Persian Literature. By Claud Field

The Kitab al-Ansb of As-Sam'ni. Reproduced in Facsimile from the MSS. in the British Museum, A. 23,355. With an Introduction by D. S. Margoliouth

I. Etudes sur le Règne du Calife Omaiyide Mo'âwia I. er. Third Series. By P. Henri Lammens

II. Les Barméçides d'après les Historiens arabes et persans. By L. Bouvat.

Le Beyan persan. Seyyed Ali Mohammed (dit le Bâb). Traduit par M. Nicolas. T. Ire

The Islam Series. By various authors, under the editorship of the Rev. Canon Sell

Morocco after Twenty-five Years. A Description of the Country, its Laws and Customs, and the European Situation. By Dr. Robert Kerr

The Turco-Italian War and its Problems. By Sir Thomas Barclay.

The Arabs in Tripoli. By Alan Ostler. London: John Murray

Turkey of the Ottomans. By Lucy M. Garnett

With the Conquered Turk. Lionel James

The Burden of the Balkans. M. Edith Durham.

The Empire of India. By Sir Bampfylde Fuller

Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt. James Henry Breasted.

A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest. J. H. Breasted.

Revue du Monde Musulman: Index General des Volumes I. A XVI.

A Bibliography for Missionary Students. Part III., Religions: Section 3, Islam. Compiled by the Rev. H. U. Weitbrecht, Ph.D.

A Working Library on Islam, with a Syllabus for Progressive Reading Courses. S. M. Zwemer