Book reviewed in this article:

Digest of Anglo-Muhammadan Law. By Sir Roland Knyvet Wilson

The Târîkh i Jahân Gushâ of Juwaynî. Part I. Edited by Mîrzâ, Mohammed ibn Abdi‘l Wahhiâb i Qazwînî. London: Luzac and Co.

Essays: Indian and Islamic. By S. Khuda Bukhsh

A New Practical Grammar of the Modern Arabic of Egypt. By S. Spiro Bey

A Turkish Woman's European Impressions. Zeynel Hououm. Edited by Grace Ellison.

Kurds and Christians. Edited by the Rev. F. N. Heazell and I Mrs. Margoliouth.

With the Turks in Thrace. By Ellis Ashmead-Bartletr.

With the Victorious Bulgarians. By Lieut. Wagner

A History of India. By E. W. Thompson

Saadeh's Dictionary (English and Arabic). By Khalil Saadeh, M.D., with an introduction by D. S. Margoliouth

A Bibliography for Missionary Students. Edited by H. U. Weitbrecht

‘Alam Ul’ Aalam Fi haqiqat Ul Islam.

The Land of Zinj. By Captain C.H. Stigand

The Future of Africa. By Donald Fraser

Amir Ali's Vision. By Miss L. Marston.

Outlines of Islam (Islam Series). By Canon F. Sell

The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe. By Captain R. Granville Baker

Mohammedanism: the Sources from which it sprang, the Ideals which it Teaches, and the Results which it has Attained. By the Rev. Raymond P. Dougherty

Mysticism and Magic in Turkey. By lucy M. J. Garnett.

The Duab of Turkestan: a Physiographic Sketch and Account of some Travels. By W. Rickmer Rickmers

A Land of Promise. By Constance Williams

The Doctrine of Man (The Islain Series). By the Rev. W. R. W. Gardner

Common Sense in Foreign Policy. By Sir Harry Johnston.

The Immoveable East. By Philip J. Baldensperger.

Mir Islama (“The World of Islam”), Vol. I., part 4: one of the Publications of the Imperial Society of Oriental Knowledge. Editor, Prof. W. Bartold

Novaia Zhenshchina (“The New Woman.”). By Kâsim Amîn

“Islam Mission Politik.” Martin hartmanon. Verlag von Otto Wigand, Leipzig.

Mystische Texte aus dem Islam: Drei Gedichte des Arabi aus dem Arabischen übersetzt und erklärt.' Von. M. Horten

Worte Mohammeds. Hermann Krüger Westend.

Die Vorbestimmungslehre im Islam und Christentum, eine religions-geschichtliche Parallele. Fr. Ulrich llc.

III. Die Bb-Beh' die jüngste muhmmedaniche Sekte. Von Dr. Hermann Roemer.

Soll-Deutsch-Ostafrika christlich oder muhammedanisch werden? Von E. Schultze. Buchhandlung der Berliner Evangelischen Missionsgesellsrhnft.

Eternelle Turquie. By Arsene Perlant

Etude Sur la Crise Ottomane Actuelle. By Mohammed Farid bey

L'Organisation de la Propriété Foncièe Au Maroc: Etude Théorique et Pratique accompagntée du Règlement Officiel‘Provisoire sup la Propriété Foncière. Par Emile Amar.

Kitab al Tawasin. Par Abou al Moghith al, Hosayn ibn Mansour.

Méthode Pratique pour l'Etude de L'Arabé Parlé au Ouaday et à l'Est du Tchad. Par Henri Carbou.

Chronographia Islamica ossia Riassunto Cronologico della storia di tutti i popoli musulmani dall'anno l all'anno 922 della Higrah. Compiled by Leone Caetani.