Up from Mohammedanism*


  • Matias Quadra

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    The young man who wrote the accompanylng artlcie belongs to that trlbe denomlnatcd. Moros. much the largest of all the no-called non-Chrlstlan trlbes of the Phlllpplnes. comprlslng 41 per cent of thla latter group and numberlug about 350000. They are found lnhabltlng the Sulu archipelago; the coast of southern Paliwan. whlch Is the long narrow laland. the most western' of the Phlllpplnea. and 1ylng opposlte Panay and Negros: much of the coast of Ylndanao: and extendlng Into the lnterlor about Lake Lanao and In the Cotobato rrlley. They constitute the Mohammedan problem of the Philippines. Concernlng Lhls problem Blshop Bmnt. In hls final report to hls Board In New York upon hle retlrement from the Phlllpplnes. makes this statement: “I belleve no far a6 the Sulu. the lrreconcllable is concerned, Chrlstlan converslon when I t set. In, mumt be accompllohed by Flllplno rnlaalonarles. of whom there are none am yet” It Is gratlfylng to know that now one at least Is In course of tralnlng. Durlng hls dars of preparatlon he Is cndeavorlng to set before the Chrlatlans of the north the great need of hls Moro brethren and Is appeallng to them to respond to the call for workers. We bellere hla earnest and strlklng appeals wlll not go altogether unheeded. HI8 account here Is given In hls own word. lndlcatlng hls command of Engllsh.-Edltor ol the Phitippine Presbyterion.