Book reviews in this article:

Un poète arabe d'Andalousie. Ibn Zaidoun Étude d'après le diwan de ce poète et les principales sources arabes, par Auguste Cour, professeur à la chaire publique d'Arabe de Constantine. 1920, Imprimerie Boet, Constantine. Algeria.

Comparative Religion: A Survey of Its Recent Literature. By Louis Henry Jordan, B.D. (Edin.).

Das Reisetagebuch Eines Philosophen. By Graf Hermann Kyserling.

Der Islam und die Christliche Verkiindigung. Eine Missionarische Un-tersuchung. By Gottfried Simon. Bertelsmann-Gutersloh.

The Secret Rose Garden of Sa'd ud-Din Mahmud Shabistari. Rendered from the Persian by Florence Lederer. The Wisdom of the East Series. Murray, London

A Chant of Mystics and Other Poems. By Ahmeen Rihani. James T. White & Co., New York.

The Orient under the Caliphs. (Translated from Von Kretner's Cultur-geschichtc des Orients. By S. Khuda Bukhsh, M.A. University of Calcutta.

The Lebanon in Turmoil; Syria and the Powers in: 86o. Book of the marvels of the time concerning the massacres in the Arab country. By Iskander Iben Yaqub Abkarims. Translated, annotated and provided with an introduction, etc., by J. F. Scheltema, M.A. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1920. pp. 203.

Précis de Sociologie Nord-Africaine (Second Partie) par A. S. P. Martin. Paris, 1920. Ernest Leroux, 1920.

The Tanganyika Territory (Formerly German East Africa.) Characteristics and Potentialities. By F. S. Joelson.

A Handbook of Arabia. Volume I. GENERAL. Compiled by the Geographical Section of the Naval Intelligence Division, Naval Staff, Admi-rality. Published by H. M. Stationery Office. London

The Kabbalah; Its Doctrines. Development and Literature. By Christian D. Ginsburg, LL.D. London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.

La Fin de Stamboul, Essai sur la Monde Turc. By Henry Mylès. Paris: E. Sansot.