Book reviews in this article:

A History of Persia. By Brigadier-General Sir Percy Sykes, in two volumes with maps and illustrations. Second edition, Macmillan & Co., Ltd. London. 1921. £3.10.0.

Die person Mohammeds in Lehre Und Glauben Seiner Gemeinde, von Tor Andrae, Stockholm. 1918.

Barbary: The Romance of the Nearest East. By A. MacCallum Scott, M.P. London: Thornton Butterworth, Ltd. Pp. 222. 12/6 net.

The Lebanon in Turmoil; Syria and the Powers in 1860. Yale Oriental Series—Researches—Vol. VII. Pp. 203, by J. F. Scheltema, M.A., Ph.D.; Yale University Press.

Een Javaansche Primbon Uit de Zestiende Eeuw. Inleiding, Vertaling en Aanteekeningen. Academisch Proefschrift. Door Hendrik Kraemer. Leiden: Firma P. W. M. Trap. 1921. Pp. 239.

Arabian Medicine. Being the Fitzpatrick Lectures delivered at the College of Physicians in November, 1919, and November, 1920. By Edward G. Browne, M.B., F.R.C.P. Cambridge University Press. 1921. Pp. vii-138. 12s. net.

A Short History of the Saracens. Being a concise account of the rise and decline of the Saracenic power and of the economical, social and intellectual development of the Arab nation. By Ameer AH Syed. London: Macmillan. 1921. Pp. xxi-640. 12/-net.

A History of Sinai. By Lina Eckenstein. London: S. P. C. K. 1021. Pp. 202. Price 8/6.

A Christian's Appreciation of Other Faiths. A study of the best in the world's greatest religions by the Rev. Gilbert Reid. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Co. Pp. 305. Price $2.30.

The Faith of Islam. By Rev. Edward Sell, D.D., M.R.A.S. Fourth edition revised and enlarged. Madras. 1920.

The Redemption of Saint Sophia. An historical and political account of the subject by Rev. J. A. Douglas. London: Faith Press. Pp. 79. 2/6d.

Churches in Making. Annual report of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts. 1920. London. Ninepence net.

Charles de Foucauld, explorateur du Maroc, ermite au Sahara, par Rene Bazin. Paris: Plon. 1921; pp. 478. 10 francs.

Missions et Christiamsme Social. Paris, Societé des Missions fivangél-iques, 102 Boulevard Arago. Pp. 124. 5 francs. trans, from H. C. in Missions Evanoelioues

Assyrian Church Customs and the Murder of Mar Shimum. By Surma d'Bait Mar Shimun. Faith Press. London. 1920. Pp. 119. 2/6d.

Arabic Thought and Its Place in History. By de Lacy O'Leary, D.D. 1922. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Price 10s. 6d.

Zionism and World Politics. A Study in History and Social Psychology by Horace Meyer Kallen, Ph.D., of the New School for Social Research. London: William Heinemann. pp. xii—345.

Three Travellers in North Africa. By the Hon. Emily Ward, with photographs and a chapter on Southern Tunisia by Lord Leigh. And a preface by the Hon. Agnes Leigh. John Lane. The Bodley Head. London, pp. 220. Price 6/—net.

Die Stellung Der Frau in Indien (Halat el-Mara fi 1-Hind) von Zain el-Abdin. Aus dem Arabischen ins Deutsche ubersetzt von Dr. O. Rescher, Berlin, Der Neue Orient, 1918.

An Introduction to Missionary Science. Edited by G. A. Gollock and E. K. Hewat, Oxford University Press, pp. 167. Price 3/6d.

Europe in Asia Minor. The Real Significance of the Near East Question. By Felix Valyi. London: Thomas Murby & Co. pp. 45. Price 1/6d.

The First Crusade. Translated from the Accounts of Eyewitnesses by August C. Krey. Princeton University Press, Princeton, N. J. pp. 299. Price $3.00.

The Turks and Europe. By Gaston Gaillard (Translated from the French). London: Thomas Murby and Co. pp. 408. 1920.

“Pilgrim Papers” by Robert Keable. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York.

Documents Diplomatiques Concernant l'Egypte de Mehemet-Ali Jusqu'en 1920. Reunis par l'Association Egyptienne de Paris. Ernest Leroux, Paris. 1920. pp. 212.