Book reviewed in this article:

Introduction à l'Étude de la Philosophie Musulmane. L'esprit sémitique et l'esprit aryen; la philosophie grecque, et la religion de l'Islam, par Leon Gauthier. Paris, 1923. pp. 136. Collection de la Revue du Monde Musulman.

Arabic Simplified. (Revised Edition.) By A. T. Upson. American Press, Beirut. Price, £2; to missionaries, £1-10.

A Galilee Doctor. A sketch of the career of Dr. D. W. Torrance, of Tiberias, by W. P. Livingstone. $2.00. George H. Doran Company, publishers.

The Secret of the Near East. By George M. Lama. 177 pages. The Ideal Press, Philadelphia, Pa.

Die Renaissance des Islam. Prof. Dr. Adam Mez. Heidelberg, 1922. Karl Winter. pp. 492.

The Book of the Lover and the Beloved. Translated from the Catalan of Ramon Lull, with an Introductory Essay by E. Allison Peers, pp. 105. Price 3/6. S. P. C. K. London. 1923.

Unconquered Abyssinia, as it is Today. An account of its peoples, their customs, considered from the social, economic and geographical points of view, its resources and possibilities, politics and relations to other peoples. By Charles F. Rey, F.RG.S. With illustrations and maps. pp. 300. Seeley, Service & Co., London. 193. Price 21 s.

Die Weltreligionen and das Christentum, von D. Martin Schlunk. pp. 213. Published by Agentur des Rauhen Hauses. Hamburg 23, Germany.

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Die Machtmittel des Islams. By Friedrich Schulthess. pp. 25. Publishers, Schulthess & Co., Zurich, Switzerland.

Petra, Perea, Phoenicia. By A. Forder. Marshall Brothers, Ltd.; London and Edinburgh. Price 7s. 6d.

Jewish Theology. Systematically and historically considered. By Dr. K. Kohler. Pp: 505. $3.00. The Macmillan Company, New York.

The Parish-Watson Collection of Mohammedan Potteries. By R. Meyer Riefstahl, Ph.D. Illustrated with 19 plates in color and 46 in black and white, reproducing 75 examples. Luzac & Co., London. (Edition limited to 500 numbered copies.) Folio cl., pp. 84. Price £7.7.0.

Le Nouveau Made De L'Islam. By Lothrop Stoddard. Traduit de I'Anglais par Abel Doysié. I Vol. 8vo. Francs 10. Pp. 323. Payot et Cie., Paris

What of the Woking Qur'an? Criticism of a Qadiani Commentary. By Mufattish. Pp. 36. Price 2 annas. Christian Literature Society for India, Madras.

The Idea of Personality in Sufism. Three Lectures delivered in the University of London By. Reynold A. Nicholson. Pp. 77. Cambridge University Press 1923.

The Book of Religion and Empire. A semi-oficial Defense and Exposition of Islam written by Order at the Court and with the assistance of the Caliph Mutawakkil (A. D. 847-861), by‘Ali Tabari. Translated with a Critical Apparatus from an apparently unique manuscript in the John Rylands Library. By A. Mingana, D.D. 1922. Manchester University Press.

The Table-Talk of a Mesopotamian Judge. Translated from the original Arabic by D. S. Margoliouth. Pp. 300. Royal Asiatic Society, London, 1922.

Der Musta'min. Ein Beitrag zum internationalen Privat und Völkrrecht des islamischen Gesetzes. Von J. Hatschek. Pp. 108. Berlin, 1919. (Walter de Smyter.)

Palestine Peasantry. Mrs. Finn, M.R.A.S. 95 pp.

Oppressed People and the League of Nations. By Noel Buxton and T. P. Conwil Evans. 1922. Published by J. M. Dent & Sons., Ltd., London; by E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. Price 6 shillings. Pages 230, including a Bibliography, Appendices giving extracts of treaties and 3 maps. (I. The New Europe, 2. Middle East, 3. Far East.)

Sachindex zu Bokhari, nach der Ausgabe Krehl-Juynboll (Leyden. 1862-1908) und der Ubersetzung von Houdas-Marsais (Paris 1903-1914) Zusammengestellt von O. Rescher. Folio. pp. 52. Stuttgart. 1923.

Shoghi Effendi: Das Hinscheiden Abdul-Bahas, von Sitarih Khanum (Lady Bloomfield.) Stuttgart. 1923. PP. 32.

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Al Hijab or why Purdah is Necessary. H. H. Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum Shaeba. C. I., G. C. S. I., G. C. I. E., G. B. E. Ruler of Bhopal. Printed by Thacker, Spink & Co. 6, Mangoe Lane, Calcutta for the Ruler of Bhopal. 1922. Pp. 212*6.

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The Truth About Mesopotamia, Palestine and Syria. By J. deV. Loder. George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. London. 1923. pp. 157. Price 7/6.

“Al Khilafa.” A series of discussions regarding the legalistic, political, social, and reform aspects of the Khalifate. By Muhammad Rashid Rida. Pp. 142.

El Koran, das heisst Die Lesung, Die Offenbarungen des Mohammed ibn Abdallah des Propheten Gottes. Zu Schrift gebracht durch Abdelkaaba Abdallah Abu-Bekr, übertragen durch L. Goldschmidt 8 vol. pp. 651. Berlin. 1922.

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