The Islamic World, edited by Mustafa Khan, B.A., M.R.A.S., at Lahore, India, publishes the following article. This quarterly journal is “devoted to propagate and defend Islam against its hostile critics and to study the progress of Islamic thought, literature, art and civilization in the world.” An editorial in the same number of its first year of issue states that

“Islam and Christianity are engaged in a spiritual contest. The struggle is becoming keener every day. Each party is endeavoring to win over the greater part of humanity to itself. Moslems have been so far in slumber, yet they are now gradually awakening to the call of Islam, and are rallying forth to the banner of the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They have realized the gravity of the situation, and are prepared to face it bravely. I say bravely, because the contrast of the two religions presents a scene of vast difference. Christianity has got enormous funds, enormous resources and enormous influence as the state religion of America, Australia and Europe. Islam on the other hand is, at present, devoid of wealth, influence and the political power. Yet it has got that enormous force—the spiritual and moral force which is the greatest asset of a religion and which can surely win the day. Islam made its appearance in humble position, and from this it rose to the zenith of power, simply through its spiritual and moral stamina Even now it has got the same potentiality. What is wanted is the united effort of the whole Islamic world to put the injunctions of the Holy Koran into practice and to disseminate the teachings of Islam all over the globe.”

We believe that the readers of our quarterly will be interested in the study of the following article which we, therefore, reprint. The author, M. K. Andrew, is evidently a convert to Islam in India.—Editor.