Early in 1925 the American Press of Beirut published a pamphlet of forty pages containing selections from Al Ghazali's chapter on the subject of penitence in his Ihyu-'ulum-id-Din. The pamphlet is beautifully printed (though not without misprints) and has on the margins of the pages some well-chosen parallels from Christian Scripture. The publication of these selections suggested the transiation of them for the use of students who do not read Arabic with sufficient ease. Apparently no English translation of this part of AlGhazali's works has ever been published. The following selections comprise about two-thirds of those in the pamphlet. The translation has been made after careful comparison with the text published by the Maimaniyeh Press, Cairo, and the text with commentary by Al-Zabadi. These two texts do not often differ in any important point. For convenience of reference the pages of each have been indicated with the capital letters T (= text, vol. 4), and C (= Commentary, vol. S).—C. G. N.