Books reviewed in this article

Four Centuries of Modern Iraq, Stephen Hemsley Longrigg; Oxford University Press, London; pp. 378.

An Outline for the Study of Dervishism, Covering Six Elementary Lectures on the Popular Development of Sufism or Mohammedan Mysticism, by Mr. George Swan.

Life and Work of Jawad Sabat, an Arab traveller, writer and apologist; Together with a review of his Romantic Career, as a Christian and Moslem. By Maulavi Abdul Wali, (Khan Sahib.) Thacker, Spink and Co., Calcutta and Simla. 1925. Pp. ix, 86. Rs 2/4.

Sahara, by Angus Buchanan; John Murray, London, 1926. Pp. 301; 21/-.

Messages d'Orient, Le Cahier Persan; Alexandria, Imprimeries Tachydromos et du Commerce. Pp. 260; 15 frs.

People of the Steppes, by Ralph Fox; Constable and Co., London, 1925. Pp. 246; 8/6.

A Turkish Kaleidoscope, by Clare Sheridan; Duckworth, London. Pp. 223; 15/-.

Le Koran, traduction litterale et complete des Sourates Essentielle, by Dr. J. C. Mardrus; Eugene Fasquelle, Paris. Pp. 305; 20 frs.

The European Powers and the Near East, 1875–1908, by Mason Whiting Tyler; University of Minnesota. Pp. 234; $2.00.

The Call from the Moslem World, being a comprehensive statement of the facts which constitute the call from the Moslem World to the Church of England, prepared by a Commission appointed by the Missionary Council of the Church Assembly. Press and Publications Board of the Church Assembly, London. Pp. 81; 2/6.

The Unfinished Task of Foreign Missions, by Robert E. Speer; Revell, New York. Pp. 351; $2.75.

The Cost of a New World, by Kenneth Maclennan. Edinburgh House Press, London, 1925. Pp. 192.

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Den Mohammedanska Varlden i Revolution. By W. Wilson Cash. Stockholm. Ev. Fosterlands-Stiftelsens Bokforlag. Pp. 168.

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Thamil'la. By Ferdinand Duchene, Albin Michel, Paris, 1921. Pp. 239. Price fr. 6. 75.

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A Flying Visit to the Middle East. By Sir Samuel Hoare. Cambridge University Press, London. 1925. Pp. 88.

Hadhir al-'Aalam al-Islami (The new world of Islam). By Lothrop Stod-dard, translated by‘Ajaj Nuweihas, with notes and appendices by Amir Shakib Arslan. Two volumes, pp. 425; pp. 427, Cairo, 1343 A. H. (1925).

The Mohammedan Dynasties. By S. Lane-Poole; Paul Geuthner Paris. Pp. 361; price 25/—.

Verspreide Geschriften. By C. Snouck Hurgronje; Kurt Schroeder, Bonn und Leipzig, 1925; 3 vols. Deel IV, (1) pp. 410, Deel IV, (2) pp. 436, Deel V pp. 419; price 12 marks gold each.

Die Weltmission des Christentums. By Martin Schlunk, Agentur des Rauhen Hauses, Hamburg, 1925; pp. 229.

Das Innere Leben. By Inayat Khan. Pp. 62. Publishers: Rotapfelverlag, Munich. 1924. M. 1. 60.