“The Book of Mustafa Kemal” by Abel Adam, Constantinople, 1926


Among the literature put out in Turkey during the last five years perhaps there is no book which shows so clearly the inner ideas moulding the policy of the New Turkey, and indicates the direction toward which affairs in Turkey are developing. The author speaks very distinctly about his subject. He deals with mentalities; the mentalities of the Turks in olden times, their mentality during the Imperial conquests, during the last century, and ultimately at the present time. The author has two purposes, the one is destructive and the other is constructive. He deals first with the old Moslem mentality of the Turks and rejects it totally, then he explains the modern European mentality, which he presents as the right goal for Turkey. The book ought to be studied carefully by all those who follow with interest the events in Turkey and aim to help the Turks to develop right ideals.— Translator