FROM ISLAM TO CHRIST (The Spiritual Experiences of a Persian Convert)



Foreword. The writer of this narrative became a Christian about thirty years ago, and was one of the very first Moslems in Persia to accept the Gospel. His life has been a varied one, for at different times he has been artisan, steward, attendant in the Parliament during the stormy days of the first constitutional government, city detective, and a trusted an days of the American Mission in Teheran. He is largely self-educated, but is surprisingly Well-informed, and spends much time in thought and meditation. Keenly observant, he has contributed to a popular Persian magazine a series of articles on conditions in Persia which have been full of wit and satire, and have created much comment.

During thirty years of Christian experience, this man has been remade by the power of Christ. He is now senior elder in a Persian church, and has power in prayer, his wisdom, independence and common sense are invaluable in the church's growth, In his study of the Bible he has had the help of scarcely any of the with of commentaries and spiritual books which we tike for granted, but his conception of Christianity is remarkably broad and comprehensive His life is above reproach, and his quiet efficiency and thoughtfulness are an example to the missionaries with whom he works.

As I write we are on an evangelistic trip together to one of the smaller cities which is solidly Moslem. He makes a capital traveling companion, and his unending supply of stories and wise observations fill up any empty hours in OUT days t ether. He is perhaps at his best when he Dresents the Gospel of Christ to Muslims who have never before heard it. Fanatics who come to annihilate us with their arguments find that he skillfully disarms their prejudices, and won they are listening quietly to the old story of the Messiah who was witnessed to by the prophets, taught eternal spiritual truth, and died for our Sins. In these discussions he is always entirely fearless in his personal confession of Christianity, though it is still the law of the land that anstate from Islam shall be killed like a dog by anyone who hears his blasphemy. Surely God has a future for the Persian Church with such men among its founders.]