Book Reviews in this Articles:

Halidé Edib: Turkey Faces West—A Turkish View of Recent Changes and their Origin

La Syrie Contemporaine, by Commandant Noél Maeatracci.

Núr ul Hndá, or Mystery Religions and Christianity . 2 vols. By Rev. Barakat Ullah, M.A.

Zwischen Nil und Kaukasus. By Paul Schütz. Chr. Kaiser Verlag

The Romance of the Black River . By F. Deaville Walker

The Handbook of Palestine and Trans-Jordan . Edited by Harry Charles Luke, C.M.G. and Edward Keith-Roach. O.B.E.

Usamah's Memoirs entitled KITAB AL-I'TIBAR ’by Usamah IbnMunqidh. By Philip K. Hitti. Novyi Vostok.

Women in Modern India . Edited by Evelyn C. Gedge and Mlthan Choksi W.H.T.G. to His Friends .

Oriental Hymn Tunes, Egyptian and Syrian, collected and noted by W. H. T. Gairdner. S.P.C.K.,

The Riddle of the Jew's Success . Translated from the German of F. Roderlch-Stoltheim. By Capel Pownall

Italien im Oestlichen Mittelmeer . By Ibrahim Seyfullah

Turkey in the World War. By Ahmed Emin, Ph.D.

Siegel and Charakter in der Mohammedanischen Zauberei . By Dr. H. A. Winkler

Arabia. By H. St. J. B. Philby, C.I.E., B.A. (Cantab.), F.R.G.S. M.R.A.S.

The Muhammadan Emirates of Nigeria . By S. J. Hogben

Through Central Africa . By W. J. W. Roome

Our Birthright and the Mess of Meat. By Jan Karel Van Baalen

The Rubiyt of Omar Khayyam . Translated from the French of J. B. Nicolas by Francis Dyson. William Brooks, Sydney, pp. 138.

Under Five Sultans . By Mary Mills Patrick. The Century Co., New York. pp. 357. $4.

L'Islam . By Henri Masse. Librairie Armand Colin. Paris, pp. 221. 12 fr. 50.

Muslim Calligraphy in the Ghosh Collection, Calcutta . By M. Mahfuz-ul-Haq, M. A. Muslim Review, Calcutta, pp. 21. Re. 1/4 and The Kharijites Under the First Omayyads, Translated from the German of Dr. Rudolf Ernst Brunnow. By S. Khuda Bukhsh. M.A. The Muslim Review, Calcutta, pp. 19. Re. 1/8/-.

Races of Africa . By C. G. Seligman. Thornton Butteworth, Ltd., London, pp. 256; 2/6 net.

Treasure of Ophir . By Commander C. E. V. Craufurd.

This Believing World, A Simple Account of the Great Religions of Mankind, by Lewis Browne.

Statement exhibiting the Moral and Material Progress and Condition of India During the Tear 1928–29 .

On “The Book of Religion and Empire” of Ali B. Rabban Al-Tabari, by D. S. Margoliouth

Eighty Mosques and Other Islamic Monuments in Cairo . By Mrs. R. L. Devonshire

Red Star in Samarkand . By Anna Louise Strong.

L'Algerie Chr étienne Esquisse Historique . By Chanoine P. Repeticci

La Conqte religieuse de l'Algérie . By Le Chanoine Jules Tournier

Vita Beati Raimuadi Lulli. By B. de Gaiffler.