Book reviewed in this article:

Catholic Mission History. By John Schmidlin, D.D.

Jesus Christ and World Evangelization (Missionary Principles: Christ's or Ours). By Alexander McLeish

Pilgrimage to Mecca. By Lady Evelyn Cobbold

La Conversion au Christianisme de l'Indigène Musulman Algérien et see Effete Juridiques. By André Bonnichon

Le Deuxième Congrès Musulman Général des Femmes d'Orient à Téhéran

The Jews in the Modern World. By Arthur Ruppin, Ph.D. With an Introduction by L. B. Namier

The Bible in China. By Marshall Broomhall

Polemics on the Origin of the Fatimi Caliphs. By Prince P. H. Mamour

A History of Religion. By Herbert H. Gowen

Johnson of Nyasaland. A study of the Life and Work of William Percival Johnson, D.D.

A Year's Embassy to Mustafa Kemal. By Charles H. Sherrill

Through Jade Gate and Central Asia. By Mildred Cable & Francesca French

The Gouran Versified. By Nejmi Sagib Bodamialisade

Egypt Since Cromer. By Lord Lloyd

Extremes Meet: Some facts about India's Women. By Lilian A. Underhill

Egypt Since Cromer. By Lord Lloyd

The Quran Primer. By Muhammed Manzur Ilahi

Mubtala or A Tale of two Wives. An Oriental novel. illustrating the different phases of Musulman life in India. Translated and abridged from the original Urdu of Shamsul-Ulema Mowlawi Hafiz Kafir Ahmed Khan Bahadur

Islamica: Zeitschrift fur die Erforschung der Sprachen, der Geschichte und der Kulturen der Islamischen Völker. By A. Fischer und E. Bräunlich

Zu meinem Islam-Lesebuch: (Religionsgeschichtliches Lesebuch Heft 16). By Joseph Schacht, Verlag von J. C. B. Mohr

An Eastern Chequerboard. By Sir Harry Luke

Hesperis. Archives Berberes et Bulletin de l'Institut des Hautes-Etudes Marocaines

Kitäb al-Awräk. By Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Yahya as-Suli

The new Turkish. An elementary grammar, vocabulary, and phrase book of the Turkish language in the new latin characters. By A. C. Mowle

Modern Religious Cults and Society. A Sociological Interpretation of a Modern Religious Phenomenon. By Louis Richard Binder, Th.M., Ph.D. Richard G. Badger

Al-Usül al-'Arabïyah li-Ta'rikh Süriyah fi Ahd Muhammad Ali Pasha

The White Monk of Timbuctoo. By William Seabrook