Book reviewed in this article:

Zur Frauenfrage in der arabisch-islamischen Welt. By Rudi Paret

Ferdovsi 934–1934. The Institute for Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the U. S. S. R. and the Hermitage State Museum.

The Manuscripts of the Shah-Name in the Leningrad Collections. By L T. Gutalian and M. M. Diaconoff.

The Sogdian Collection. The Inst. Or. St. Ac. Sc. U. S. S. R. and the Tadjikistan Institute.

Red Road through Asia. A Journey by the Arctic Ocean to Siberia, Central Asia, and Armenia: with an Account of the Peoples now living in those Countries under the Hammer and Sickle. By Bosworth Goldman

The Valleys of the Assassins. By Freya Stark

Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics. By Louis H. Gray

Transactions of the Glasgow University Oriental Society. Volume VI. Years 1929 to 1933. Edited by The Rev. James Robson

The Originat Jesus. By Otto Borchert. Translated from the German by L. M. Stalker

Camel Bells of Baghdad. By Janet Miller, M. D. Houghton Miffiin Company

Zwischen Saat und Ernte. By Ernst J. Christoffel

The Ideals of East and West. By Kenneth Saunders

The Daughter of Abd Salam. The Story of a Peasant Woman of Palestine. By Florence Mary Fitch.

The Beloved Physician of Teheran. By Isaac Yonan

The Winning of the Sudan. By Pierre Crabites. George Routledge and Sons, Ltd.

Inleiding tot de Studie van den Heiligen Qoer-An. Door Maulana Moehammad Ali. Vertaald door Soedewo.

Bachta Chan eller Lyckobarnet. av Gustaf Ahlbert.

Habil en Kristen Martyr i Ostturkestan. av Gustaf Ahlbert

The Truth of Christianity. Being an Examination of the more important Arguments for and against Believing in that Religion. By Lt.-Col. W. H. Turton, D.S.O. Twelfth Edition. London: Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., Ltd.

Al-Andalus. Revista de las escuelas de estudios Árabes de Madrid y Granada

Das Buch der deutschen Weltmission. By Dr. Julius Richter

Dr. Ludwig Nommensen. By D. Johannes Warneck

De Zending in Oost-en West Indie. By H. D. J. Boissevain

India's Social Heritage. By L. S. S. O'Mallcy