Book reviewed in this article:

Ottoman Statecraft: The Book of Counsel for Vezirs and Governors, of Sari Mehmed Pasha, the Defterdar. Turkish Text with Introduction, Translation, and Notes. By Walter Livingston Wright, Jr.

Landeskundliche Ergebnisse. von Carl Rathjens and Hermann v. Wissmann.

Morocco at the Parting of the Ways. By Earl Fee Cruickshank, Ph.D.

Folk Medicine in Modern Egypt. Being the Relevant Parts of the Tibb Al-Rukka or Old Wives ‘Medicine of’ Abd al-Rahman Isma'il. By John Walker

Wisdom and Waste in the Punjab Village. By Malcolm Lyall Darling

Egypt Since Cromer. By Lord Lloyd. The Macmillan Company

Kitb al-Tarfah al-Bähijah fi al-Amthäl w-al-Hikam al-'Arabäyah al-Därijah

Ibn Hälawaih's Sammlung Nichtkanonischer Koranlesarten. Herausgegeben von G. Bergsträsser. Brockhaus

Inleiding tot de Vergelijkende Godsdienstwetenschap. Door Dr. K. L. Bellon.

Java Pageant. By H. W. Ponder.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. By Franz Werfel

Arabian Wit and Wisdom, from Abu Sa'id Al-Abi's Kitab Nathr Al-Durar. Translated by Charles A. Owen

Les Mariages Mixtes en Afrique du Nord. By M. Meylan

Les quatre Dames d'Angora. A novel by Claude Farrere

Morgenrood. Korte Verhalen en Schetsen verzameld door Dr. H. A. van Andel en Dr. N. A. C. Slotemaker de Bruine.

A Desert Journal. Letters from Central Asia. By Evangeline French, Mildred Cable, and Francesca French.

Christus en de Mystiek van het Oosten. Door Dr. J. H. Bavinck

Aghlät al-Lughawäyän al-Aqdamän. By Anastäs Mari al-Karmali

The Encyclopaedia of Islam. A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Muhammadan Peoples. Prepared by a number of Leading Orientalists. Edited by M. Th. Houtsma, A. J. Wensinck, H. A. R. Gibb, W. Heffening and E. Levi-Provencal

Outline Chalk-Talks on the Spiritual Life. By‘Abdul-Fady (Arthur T. Upson)

A Modern Wayfarer in Persia. By Constance M. Alexander.

The Jew and the World Ferment. By Basil Mathews.

The Modern Missionary. A Study of the Human Factor in the Missionary Enterprise in the Light of Present-day Conditions. Edited by J. H. Oldham

The Nature of Religion. By George Wobbermin, Ph.D. Translated by Theophil Menzel and Daniel Sommer Robinson.