Book reviewed in this article:

The Tragedy of the Assyrians. By Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Stafford, D. S. O., M. C

Christian Realities. Addresses on Christian Life and Experience. By Robert E. Speer

A History of Religions. By Denis Saurat. Jonathan Cape

A Student's Philosophy of Religion. By William Kelley Wright

The Holy Quran. English translation and commentary. (With Arabic Text). By A. Yusuf‘Ali

Wörterbuch des Palästinischen Arabisch—Deutsch-Arabisch. By Leonhard Bauer

Kalimat Saw. By the Rev. Alfred Nielsen

Muhammed als Religionsstifter. von Prof. Karl Ahrens

The People of the Mosque. An Introduction to the Study of Islam with Special Reference to India. By L. Bevan Jones

Jews in Palestine. By A. Revusky

A Pilgrimage to Palestine. By Harry Emerson Fosdick

Clashing Tides of Color. By Lothrop Stoddard

The Advice of Mwana Kupona upon the Wifely Duty. From the Swahili texts. By Alice Werner and William Hichens

Islam for Beginners. By Murray T. Titus

The Yazidis. Past and Present. Being Three Original Texts about Yazidi Doctrines, Customs, and Some Events of their History, with an Autobiography of one of their Contemporary Amirs. By Isma'il Beg Chol. Edited by Costi K. Zurayk

The Cancer Problem. By William Seaman Bainbridge. Translated by Yusuf I. K. Hitti and Shakir K. Sassar.

Patriotism Perverted. A discussion of the deeds and the misdeeds of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the so-called Dashnagtzoutiine. By K. S. Papazian

Des Monts célestes aux Sables rouges. By Ella Maillart.

La Espiritualidad de Algazel y su Sentido Cristiano. Tomo II. By Miguel Asin Palacios

L'Art décoratif Musulman. By Gabriel-Rousreau.

Die Alkoholfrage und der Islam. Von Friedrich Loy.

Persia Antica e Moderna. Conferenze tenute a Roma nel Gennaio-Febbraio 1935 in occasione del Millenario della Nascita di Firdusi. By Antonino Pagliaro

El Filósofo Autodidacto. By Ibn Tufayl. Nueva Traducción Espanola por Angel González Palencia.

Zeitschrift der Morgenlaendischen Gesellschaft. Neue Folge

The Glamour of Egypt. By B. M. W. Jesson.