Books Reviewed in this Article:

Pantheisme en Monisme in de Javaansche Soeloek-Litteratuur. By Dr. P. J. Zoetmulder, S.J. Published by J. J. Berkhout, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1935. pp. 430.

Sumatra, Its History and People. By Edwin M. Loeb. + The Archaeology and Art of Sumatra, By Robert Heine-Geldern Vienna: Verlag des Institutes für Völkerkunde der Universität Wien, 1935. pp. ix + 350. Two maps, one chart, and forty plates. $4.40.

Black Tents of Arabia: My Life among the Bedouins. By Carl R. Raswan. Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1935. pp. 159+xi. 72 photographs and maps. $4.

Marriage Conditions in a Palestinian Village, II. By Hilma Granqvist. In Societus Scientiarum Fennica. Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum, VI. 8, Helsingfors, 1935. pp. 366. Fmk. 60.

Palestine of the Arabs. By Mrs. Beatrice Steuart Erskine, pp. 256+37 illustrations+map of Palestine, George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., London,1935. 10 sh. 6 d.

Arabia of the Wahhabis. By H. St. John B. Philby. Constable & Co., Ltd., London. pp. 422. 716 net.

The Making of Modern Iraq. A Product of World Forces. By Henry A. Foster.University of Oklahoma Press, 1935. pp. 319. $4.00.

Sons of Ishmael. A study of The Egyptian Bedouin. By G. W. Murray. Routledge & Sons, London, 1935. pp. 343. 18 sh.

Contes, Légendes, Coutumes populaires du Liban et de Syrie. By Michel Feghali, Librairie d'Amérique et d'Orient, Paris, 1935. pp. xii+283. 50 francs.

Sudan Arabic Texts. By S. Hillelson. Cambridge: The University Press, 1935; New York: The Macmillan Co. pp. xxiv+218. $4.50.

Al-Nawädir al-Tibbïyah. Les axiomes medicaux de Yohanna ben Massawáfh. By Paul Sbath. Cairo, 1934. pp. 34+vii.

The Face of Mother India. By Katherine Mayo. Harper and Rrothrrs, New York and London, 1935. 41 quarto pp. of text and 392 photographic illustrations. $3.50.

Muhammeds Religion: Ett Tvärsnitt genom Islams Politiska och Religiösa Liv fram Till Vara Dagar. By G. Raquette. Svenska Missionsförbundets Förlag, Stockholm, Sweden. pp. 191. haft. 3.

The Doctrine of the Süfig (Kitab al-Ta'arruf li-madhhab ah1 al-tasawwuf). By Arthur John Arberry, M.A. Camhridge University Press, 1935, London. pp. 175. $3.75.

The Indian Peasant and his Environment. By N. Gangulee. Oxford Press, 1935. pp. 230. $4.

General Rigby, Zanzibar and the Slave Trade. Mrs. Charles E. B. Russell. George Allen & Unwin, Ltd., London. pp. 405, with map. 16 sh.

Inleiding tot de Ethnologie van de Indische Archipel. By Dr. J. Ph. Duyvendak. J. B. Wolters-Groningen, Batavia. pp. 202; f 2, 90.

A Search in Secret India. By Paul Bruton, pp. 312+26 illustrations, E. P. Dutton & Co., New York, 1935. $3.50.

Camels through Libya. A Desert Adventure from the Fringes of the Sahara to the Oases of Upper Egypt. By Dugald Campbell, F.R.G.S. Seeley Service & Co., Ltd., London. pp. 292. 18 sh.

Al-Andalus. Revista de las Escuelas de Estudios Arabes de Madrid y Granada. Volume 111, fasc. 2.

Revue Marocaine de Législation, Doctrine et Jurisprudence Cherifiennes (Droit MusuIman, Coutumes BerbGres, Lois Israelites). Trimestrielle, en Langue Francaise et Arabe. Fondée par Paul Zeys, President de Chambre à la Cour d'Appel de Rabat, Ancien lnspecteur des Juridictions Chérifiennes. Published by Société Anonyme de la Librairie du Recueil Sirey, Paris. Vol. No. 1. 65 fr. per annum.

Die Auferstehung Arabiens: Ibn Sauds Weg und Ziel. By Rupert Donkan. Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, Leipzig, Germany. pp. 260. M. 5.80.

Archiv Orientalní. Vol. VII, No. 1, 2, 3, Journal of the Czechoslovak Oriental Institute, Prague, 1935. Quarterly, subscription kc. 160 per year.

Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies (University of London) Indian and Iranian Studies, presented to Sir George Grierson on his 85th birthday, 1936. Luzac & Co., London. 25 sh.

Orientalia Christiana Periodica. Vol. II, iv, 1–11, 1936. Pont. Institutum Orientalium Studiorum, Roma, 40 lib. ital. pro Italia, 45 lib. ital. proreliquis nationibus.

Extracts from the Holy Quran and Authentic Traditions, also Tenets from the Scriptures of other Religions. Compiled and published by Abdullah Alladin, Secunderabad, India. pp. 407, 12 annas.

The Muslim Prayer with Illustrations. Published by The Anjuman-e-Tarraqi-e-Islam, Secunderabad, India. (Second edition). pp. 50. 4 annas.