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Books Reviewed in this article:

Melanchthon und der Islam: Ein Beitrag zur Klarung des Verhältnisses zwischen Christentum und Fremdreligionen in der Reformationszeit. By Manfred Köhler. Leipzig: Leopold Klotz Verlag, 1938. pp. 164.

Islam. By Henri Massé, translated from the French by Halide Edib. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1938. pp. 260 plus index 10. $2.50.

The Content of Indian and Iranian Studies. By H. W. Bailey. The Macmillan Company, New York. pp. 35. 75¢.

La Science Arabe et son Rôle dans L'Evolution Scientifique Mondiale.Par Aldo Mieli avec quelques additions de H. P. J. Renaud, Max Meyerhof et Julius Ruska. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1939. 8vo, pp. xix+388. 12:50 guilders.

El-Irchad.Par Imam el-Haramein (Ve siècle Hégire) édité et traduit par J.- D. Luciani. Ernest Leroux, Paris, 1938.

Abd Al-Kadir Guilani (1077–1166).Par Mehmmed Ali Aini en collaboration avec F. J. Simore-Munir. Paris, Paul Geuthner, 1938. fr. 75.

The Rise of the Ottoman Empire. By Paul Wittek, Royal Asiatic Society Monographs, vol. XXIII. The Royal Asiatic Society, London, 1938. pp. viii+54.

Some Aspects of Muslim Administration. By R. P. Tripathi, M.A., D. Sc. (London). Allahabad, The Indian Press, 1936. pp. iv+408.

Ostturkistan zwischen den Grossmächten; ein Beitrag zur Wirtschaftskunde Ostturkistans. By Fuad Kazak. Osteuropäische Forschungen, N.F., Vol. 23, Königsberg (Pr.) and Berlin, 1937. pp. 160.

The Royal Archives of Egypt and the Disturbances in Palestine, 1834. By Asad J. Rustum. The American Press, Beirut, 1938. pp. 82.

Ibn-al-Sā‘āti.Diwān. Edited by Ants E. Khuri (al-Makdisi). The American Press, Beirut, 1938. pp. 310.

A Working Faith for the World. By Hugh Vernon White. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1938. pp. 209. $2.

The Renascence of Religion, being the proceedings of the third meeting of the World Congress of Faiths at Cambridge in 1938. London, Probsthain, 1938. 7/6.

The Origin and Evolution of the Semitic Alphabets. By Abram Setsuzau Kotsuji, B.D., Th.D. Tokyo, Japan, Kuo Bun Kwan, 1937. pp. xiv, 229.

Doughty's English. By Walt Taylor. S.P.E. Tract No. LI. Oxford University Press, 1939. pp. 46.

Four Strange Tongues from South Arabia: the Hadara Group. By Bertram Thomas. London; Humphrey Milford, 1938. 7/6. (In U. S. A., Oxford University Press. $3.50.)

Sheba's Daughters: Being a Record of Travel in Southern Arabia. By H. St. J. B. Philby, with an appendix on the rock inscriptions by A. F. L. Beeston. Methuen & Co., London, pp. 485. 21s.

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