Book reviewed in this article:

An Arab Tells His Story: A Study in Loyalties. By Edward Atiyah.

The Jewish Problem in the Modern World. By James Parkes.

Yunus Emre: An Oratorio in Three Sections; Opus 26. By Ahmed Adnan Saygun.

Two Queens of Baghdad: Mother and Wife of Harun Al-Rachid. By Nabia Abbott.

Southern Arabia, A Problem for the Future. By Carleton S. Coon.

The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers. By Le Roy Edwin Froom.

William Carey: Especially His Missionary Principles. By Dr. A. H. Oussoren.

The Problem of Education in Dependent Territories. The Yearbook, Number XV, of The Journal of Negro Education.

Abdul Baha's Questioned Will and Testament. By Ruth White.

Bahai Leads Out of the Labyrinth. By Ruth White.

Islam, Its Rise and Decline. By Thomas O'Shaughnessy.

De Zending in Oost en West: Verleden en Heden. By H. D. J. Boissevain.