Book reviewed in this article:

The Sikhs: An Addendum

Paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire. By Walter Woodburn Hyde.

Le Monde Non Chretien. Nouvelle Serie.

The Great Religions of the Modern World. Edited by Edward J. Jurji.

The Glory of the Empty Tomb. By Samuel Marinus Zwemer.

Breve Histoire de la Litterature Arabe. By J. -M. Abd-el-Jalil, Professor of the Catholic Institute of Paris.

The Arab Awakening. By George Antonius.

The Shadow of the Sword. By James C. de Wilde.

Bibliography of the Semitic Languages of Ethiopia. By Wolf Leslau.

Liberia: A Century of Survival, 1847–1947. By Raymond Leslie Buell.

Transjordan: An Economic Survey. By A. Konikoff.