Book reviews in this article:

The Qur'ān as Scripture. By Arthur Jeffery.

The Christian Interpretation of Religion. By Edward J. Jurji.

The Religions of Mankind. By Edmund Davison Soper.

Christ's Hope of the Kingdom. By Alexander McLeish

Islam in Ethiopia. By J. Spencer Trimingham

Ahmadiyyat, or The True Islam. By Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

The Arabs in History. By Bernard Lewis.

The Arab Refugee Problem. By Joseph B. Schechtman.

Arabian Highlands. By H. St. J. B. Philby.

The Arabian Peninsula. A Selected, Annotated List of Periodicals, Books, and Articles in English.

Great Britain and Egypt, 1914–1951. London, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1952.

Turkish Crossroads, Bernard Newman, Philosophical Library Inc., New York, 1952.

I Sing in the Wilderness. An Intimate Account of Persia and the Persians. By Olive Suratgar.

Muslims in Arabia and Africa. By Professor Mahmud Brelvi.

Hayati. By Dr. Ahmad Amin, Matba' at Lujnat-il-ta' lif wa-al-tarjamat wa-al-nashr

Prayer. By Dr. Samuel M. Zwemer

Islamic Constitution. By Kemal A. Faruki

Rulers of Mecca. By Gerald de Gaury