Book reviews in this article:

The Ethical Philosophy of Al-Ghazali. By M. Umaruddin

Readings from the Mystics of Islam: Translations from the Arabic and Persian, together with a short Account of the History of Sufism, and brief biographical Notes on each Sūf? Writer, by Margaret Smith

Persecution and the Art of Writing. By Leo Strauss

The Middle East in World Affairs. By George Lenczowski

Background of the Middle East. Ernest Jackh

Al-Qadā' al-'Ashā'ir? (Tribal Judiciary Practices). By Far?q al-Muzhir al-Fir'awn.

Al-Haqā'iq al-Nāsi'a fi-l-Thawra al'Irāqiyya 1920 wa Natā'ijuhā (Salient Facts on the Iraqi Revolution of 1920 and its Results). By Far?q al-Muzhir al-Fir'awn.

Blood, Oil and Sand. By Ray Brock.

From Town and Tribe. By C. G. Campbell.

Aramco and World Oil. Roy Lebkicher.

The Arabia of Ibn Saud. By Roy Lebkicher

Arabia Reborn. By George Kheirallah.

The Struggle for Transcaucasia, 1917–1921. By Firuz Kazemzadeh, Ph.D.