Book reviews in this article:

The Faith and Practice of al-Ghazāl?. By W. Montgomery Watt.

A History of the Crusades, Volume Two, The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100–1187. By Steven Runciman.

Challenge and Response in the Middle East. The Quest for Prosperity 1919–1951. By Hedley V. Cooke.

The Sudan Question. By Mekki Abbas.

Sectas Y Movimientos de Reforma en el Islam. (Sects and Reform Movements in Islam.) By Fernando Frade Merino.

Outlines of Muhammadan Law. By Asaf A. A. Fyzee

Welcome to Bahrain. A Complete Illustrated Guide for Tourists and Travellers. By James H. D. Belgrave.

Arabian Adventurer. The Story of Hajji Williamson. By Stanton Hope.

Apostle to Islam: A Biography of Samuel M. Zwemer. By J. Christy Wilson

'Abqariyyat-al-Masïh. (The Genius of Christ.) By 'Abbās Mahmūd al-'Aqqād

Song of the Arab. By Rolla Foley.