Book reviews in this article:

Studies in Muslim Ethics. By Dwight M. Donaldson, Ph.D., D.D., S.P.C.K.

Avicenna: Scientist and Philosopher. A Millenary Symposium. Edited by G. M. Wickens

La Pensee Religieuse d'Avicenne. By Louis Gardet

The Ring of the Dove. By Ibn Hazm, translated by A. J. Arberry.

Jesus in Heaven on Earth. By Al-Hajj Khaja Naz?r Ahmad

Religion in an African City. By Geoffrey Parrinder.

Akbar's Religious Thought Reflected in Mogul Painting. By Emmy Wellesz.

Mamluk Costume–A Survey. By L. A. Mayer. Albert Kundig

Independent Iraq: a Study in Iraqi Politics since 1932. By Majid Khadduri.

“World without End, the Middle East.” By Emil Lengyel.

“Rural Reconstruction in Action.” By Harold B. Allen

The Archaeology of World Religions. By Jack Finegan

Missions under the Cross. Edited by Norman Goodall

Al-Tabshir w-al Ist'imār f?-I-Bilādi-l-'Arabiyya. English Title: Missionaries and Imperialism. By Dr. Mustafā Khālidy and Dr. 'Umar Farrūkh.

Imperial Communism. By Anthony T. Bouscaren.

The Middle East, 1953. Published by Europe Publications Limited