Book reviews in this article:

The Theology of Āl-Ashar?. The Arabic texts of Al-Ashar?'s Kitab al-Luma and Risālat Istihsān al-Khawd fi Ilm al-Kalām, with briefly annotated translations, and Appendices containing material pertinent to the study of al-Ashar?. By Richard J. McCarthy, S.J., D. Phil.

The Policy of Tomorrow. By Mirrit Boutros Ghāl?

Yaum al Islām [The Day of Islam] By Ahmad Am?n

Moslems on the March: People and Politics in the World of Islam. By F. W. Fernau.

A Symporlum on Muslim Law. The Washington Foreign Law Society

The Home Letters of T. E. Lawrence and his Brother. The Macmillan Company

The United States and India and Pakistan. By W. Norman Brown