Book Reviews in This Article:

Turkism and the Soviets. By Charles W. Hostler.

Bureaucracy and Society in Modern Egypt. By Morroe Berger.

Expédition en Arabie Centrale. By Philippe Lippens.

Moroccan Drama: 1900 – 1955. By Rom Landau.

Avlcenna Commemoration Volume.

A Turkish – English Dictionary. By H. C. Hony.

The Names of Lebanese Cities and Villages with an Interpretation of their meaning: A Linguistic Study. By Anis Fraiha.

City of Beirut: A Socio – Economic Survey.

Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of History. By Muhsin Mahdi.

The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act. 1939. By K. N. Ahmed.

Étude Descriptive et Comparative du Gafat (Ethiopien méridional). By Wolf Leslau.

Islam and the West. Proceedings of the Harvard Summer School Conference on the Middle East, July 25–27, 1955. Edited by Richard N. Frye.

The Holy Qurān, Arabic text and translation. By the late Maulawi Sher Ali.