Book reviewed in this article:

Muhammed at Medina. By W. Montgomery Watt

Living Religions of the World. By Frederic Spiegel

Der Islam, seine Geschichte, seine Lehre, seine Wesen. By Emanuel Kellerhals

Le Systèms Philosophique des Muctazila. By Albert N. Nader

A Handbook on the Contemporary Middle East.

The Ideas of Arab Nationalism. By Hazem Zaki Nuseibeh

The Young Turks. Prelude to the Revolution of 1908. By Ernest Edmondson Ramsaur Jr.

United States—Persian Diplomatic Relations 1883 - 1921. By Abraham Yeselson

There goes the Middle East. By Alfred M. Lilienthal

The Temple of Jerusalem. By André Parrot

Abu Bakr. By Dr. Ata Mohy-ud-Din

La Tunisie Orientate, Sahel et Basse Steppe. By Jean Despois

Initation à L'Algérie. By 18 writers