Book reviewed in this article:

Lebanon in History. By Philip K. Hitti

The Soviet Union and the Muslim World, 1917–1957. By Ivar Spector

The Wells of Ibn Saud. By D. van der Meulen. Frederick A. Praeger

Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. By André Parrot

Multitudes in the Valley. By Denis Baly

Sultan in Oman. By James Morris

An Analysis of the Munir Report. Translated and edited by Khurshid Ahmad

Tensions in the Middle East. Edited by Philip W. Thayer

Islam Inflamed. By James Morris

Materials on Muslim Education in the Middle Ages. By A. S. Tritton

The Middle East, 1958. Sixth Edition

Dr. Saeed of Iran: Kurdish Physician to Princes and Peasants, Nobles and Nomads