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Book reviewed in this aticle:

The Muqaddimah, An Introduction to History. By Ibn Khaldun

Cbrestomathia Baidawiana. The Light of Inspiration and Secret of Interpretation;

Kitāb al-Tamh?d.

Islamic Occasionalism, and its Critique by Averroes and Aqninas.

Islam: Muhammad and His religion.

The Middle East in Transition

Aspects of Islam in Post-Colonial Indonesia: Five Essays.

The Crescent and the Rising Sun, or Indonesian Islam under the Japanese Occupation 1042–1945.

Israel and the Palestine Arabs.

The Kingdom of Jordan.

Desert Enterprise: The Middle East Oil Industry in Its Local Environment.

Le colonisation des plaines du Chélif.

History of Egypt 1382:1469 AD.

Political Thought in Medieval Islam

Muslim Law of Succession and Administration.

Anadolu Evliyalari

Ethiopic and South Arabic Contributions to the Hebrew Lexicon.

Excavations at Nassana.

Ths Preservation of Youth. By Moses Maimonides.

Al-Nashrat al-Thaqāfiyyat al-Miāriyyah.