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Books Reviewed in this article:

New Light on the Life of Muhammad. By Alfred Guillaume; Manchester University Press, 316–324 Oxford Road, Manchester 13, England; 1960, pp. 60, paper, price 10s.

The Power Struggle in Iraq. By Benjamin Shwadran; Council for Middle Eastern Affairs Press, 333 West 86th Street, New York, 1960; pp. 90, paper, $2.00.

Military Elite and Social Change: Egypt Since Napoleon. By Morroe Berger; Center for International Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, 1960, pp. 35, paper, 50 cents.

Ancient Semitic Civilizations. By Sabatino Moscati; G. P. Putnam's Sons, 210 Madison Avenue, New York, i960; pp. 254, illustrations, paper, $165.

Racial Problems in Soviet Muslim Asia. By Geoffrey Wheeler; Oxford University Press, 417 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1960; pp. xii, 66, paper, maps, $1.00.

The Right Path. By Mohammad Amnr Haider Khan, translator. Jafferali Writer, Alamdar P. Press, 167, Jail Road East, Bombay 9, India, 1959. Pp. 62, paper, so nP.

International Social Science Journal Vol. XI, No. 4, 1959. UNESCO, Paris. $2.00, 10/—(stg.), 6 NF.

The Christian Approach to the Muslim, By G. E. Marrison; Edinburgh House Press, 2 Eaton Gate, S.W. 1, London, 1959, pp. 64, paper, 2/6d.

Explaining the Gospel to Muslims By John Crossley; United Society for Christian Literature, Lutterworth Press, London, 1960, pp. 48, 2s.

Survivances des Mesures Traditionnelles en Tunisie. By Marcel Legendre: Presses Universitaires de France, 108, Bd. Saint-Germain, Paris VI, 1958. Pp. 91, paper, illustrations.

Detnain en Algerie. By Jean Servier; Robert Laf font, 30 rue de L'Université, Paris 7, 1959. Pp. 175, paper, 600 F.

Recueil de Textes Tirés de la Presse Arabe. With Introduction by Ch. Pel-lat; Librairie D'Amérique et L'Orient Adrien-Maisonneuve, II rue Saint-Sulpice, Paris VI, 1958, pp. 160, paper, 8 NF.

Excavation Coins from the Persepolis Region. By George C. Miles; The American Numismatic Society, Broadway between 155th. and 156th. Streets, New York, 1959 (Numismatic Notes and Monographs No. 143). Pp. 124 plus 21 plates, paper, $5.00.

Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory. By Duncan B. Macdonald; Premier Book House, 4/5, Katchery Road, Lahore, Pakistan. First published 1903; reprinted i960. Pp. viii, 414. Ten Rupees.

The Persian Gulf States. By Sir Rupert Hay, with Foreword by E. M. Eller, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Washington, D.C.; Middle East Institute, 1959; pp. xvii, 160; inside cover paper map; 16 photographs. $3.75.

Le oonflit autour du Coren et la solution D'al-Bāqillān?. By Johan Bouman. Drukkerij en Uitgeverij Jacob van Campen, Amsterdam, 1959, pp. xi, 94, paper, F. 12.50.

La Notion de Certitude Selon Ghazali. By Farid Jabre. Librairie Philoso-phique J. Vrin, 6, Place de la Sorbonne, Paris 6e, 1958. Pp. 474, paper.

Maronite Historians of Mediaeval Lebanon. By Kamal S. Salibi; American University of Beirut, Beirut, 1959 (Oriental Series No. 34), pp. 262, map, paper.

Avicenna's De Anima. Edited by F. Rahman; Oxford University Press, 417 Fifth Ave., New York 16, N. Y., 1959, pp. xii, 299 (of which 269 in Arabic); $10.00 (63s. in U.K.).

Bayān al-farq bayn al-sadr wa'l-qalb wa'l-fu'ād wa'l-lubb. By AbūcAbd Allāh Muhammad bin cAl? al-Hak?m al-Tirmidh?. Edited by Nicholas Heer; Dar Ihyā al-Kutub al-cArab?yah, Cairo, 1958, pp. m, Arabic.

An Introduction to Modern Literary Arabic. By David Cowan; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1958; pp. xi, 205; 35 s, New York $6.50.

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