Book reviewed in this article:

A Short History of North Africa. By Jane Soames Nickerson.

Kitāb al-Riyād. By Ham?d al-D?n Ahmad ibn cAbd Allāh al-Kirmān?, Hujjat al-cIrāqayn; ed.

Religion and Politics in Pakistan. By Leonard Binder.

Political Change in Morocco. By Douglas E. Ashford.

Mohammedanism. By Louis Gardet. Translated from the French by William Burridge, W. F.

Islam and the Integration of Society. By W. Montgomery Watt.

Egypt in Search of Political Community. By Nadav Safran.

Asās al-Ta'wil, By Al-Nucmān ibn Hayyūn al-Tam?m? al-Maghrib?.

Historians of Medieval India. By P. Hardy.

The Indonesian Woman. Struggles and Achievements. By Cora Vreede-de Steurs.

The Wild Goats of Ein Gedi. By Herbert Weiner.

Symbolik des Islam. By Rudi Paret.

A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. By Hans Wehr. J. Milton Cowan, ed.

A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.

The Principles of State and Government in Islam. By Muhammad Asad.

The Egyptian Army in Politics. By P. J. Vatikiotis.

L'Islam dans le Miroir de l'Occident. By Jacobus Diederik Jan Waardenburg.