Book reviewed in this article:

The Qur'anic Concept of History, by Mazheruddin Siddiqi.

Counsels in Contemporary Islam. Islamic Surveys 3. By Kenneth Cragg.

Die Welt des Islam und die Gegenwart. (The World of Islam and the Present Time.) Edited by Rudi Paret.

A History of Medieval Islam, by J. J. Saunders.

The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate, by Guy LeStrange.

The Modern History of Lebanon, by Kamal S. Salibi.

Documents from Islamic Chanceries. First Series (Oriental Studies III). Edited by S. M. Stern.

The University Looks Abroad: Approaches to World Affairs at Six American Universities, a report from Education and World Affairs.

Bread From Stones: Fifty Years of Technical Assistance. Edited by John S. Badeau and Georgians G. Stevens.