Book Review in this Articles

Bibliographie zum Erziehungs- and Bildungswesen in den Lãndern des muslimischen Orients.

Land Policy in Colonial Algeria: The Origins of the Rural Public Domain. By John Ruedy.

National Development and Local Reform: Political Participation in Morocco, Tunisia and Pakistan. By Douglas E. Ashford.

Morocco. By Nevill Barbour.

American Interests in Syria: 1800–1901. By A. L. Tibawi.

Political Parties In Lebanon. By Michael W. Suleiman.

The Arab Bacth Socialist Party: History, Ideology and Organization. By Kamel S. Abu-Jaber.

Arabic Language Handbook. By Mary Catherine Bateson.

Spoken Arabic of Baghdad, VoL II. By R J. McCarthy, S.J., and Faraj Raffouli.

Christianity in Tropical Africa, edited with an introduction by C. G. Baëta.