Book Review in this Articles

Alfarabi's Book of Reliaon and Related Texts. Arabic Texts, edited with introduction and notes by Muhsin Mahdi.

The Arabic Language: Its Role in History. By Anwar G. Chejne.

The Shadow of the Crescent: The Renaissance Image of the Turk (1453–1517). By Robert Schwoebel.

Islam, Europe and Empire. By Norman Daniel.

Madkhal ilã '1–Hiwãr al-Islãm? al-Masihi By al-Ustãdh al-Haddãd.

The Monsoon lands of Asia. By R. R. Rawsa

Tha Histories ol Nishpur. Edited by Richard N. Frye.

The Ancient Near East: Supplementary Texts and Pictures Relating to the Old Testament. Edited by James B. Pritchard.