Book Review in this Articles

Kanz al-mulūk fi kaifiyyat as-sulūk (The Treasure of Princes on the Fashion of Behaviour) ascribed to Sibt ibn al-Djauzi. Edited by Gosta Vitestam

Structural Continuity in Poetry, A Linguistic Study in Five Pre-Islamic Arabic Odes. By Mary Catherine

A Lover from Palestine and Other Poems. Edited by Abdul Wahab Al-Messeri.

Arabic and Persian Poems in English. By Omar S. Poud.

The Arab-Israeli Conformation of June 1967: An Arab Perspective. Edited by Ibrahim Abu-Lughod.

Palestine: A Search for Truth. Edited by Alan R. Taylor and Richard N. Tetile.

L'Expansion Musulmane (VIIe-XIe, Siécles) [Vol. 20 of Nouvelle Clio, L'Hisorie et see Problétnes]. By Robert Mantran.

A Brief History of Islam, a Christian Interpretation. By Harry Boer.

The Authority of the Past: A Study of These Muslim Modernists. By Sheila McDonough.

Arab Intellectuals and the West: The Formative Years, 1825-1914. By Hisham Sharabi.

Les Universités dans le monde Arabe Actuel. By Jean-Jacques

The Land To Those Who Work it: Algeria's Experiment in Workers' Management. By thomas L. Blair.

Layatey in Morocco: Protectorate Administration 1912-1925. Alan Scham.

The Emergence of Modern Afganistan: Politics of Reform and Modernization, 1880-1946. By Vartan Gregorian.