Book Review in this Articles

Islam, A way of life. By Philip K. Hitti.

Concept of Muslilm Culture in Iqbal. By Mazheruddin SWiddiqi.

The Political philosophy of Iqbal. By Parveen Feroe Hessan.

Muslim Education and the Socholar's Social Status up to the 5th century Muslim Era (11the century chirstian Era) in the light of Ta'rikh Bagihdid. By Manir-ud-Din Ahmed.

Jews in the Economic and Political Life Of Mediaeval Islam. By Walter J. Fischel.

The Story of an Arab Diplomat, By K. A. Fariq.

Muslim Rule in India: The Assessmeat of British Historians. By J. S. Grewal.

Voyageurs et ecrivains egyptiens en France au XIXesiécle. By Anouar Louca.

Political Trends in the Arab World. The Role of Ideas adn Ideals in Politics. By Majid Khadduri.

Shaykh and Effendi: Changing Patterns of Authority Among the EI Shabana of Southern Iraq. By Robert A Fernea.

Army Officeers in Arab Politics and Society. By Elezer Beeri.

The Horses of the Sahara. By General Eugene Daumas.

western Window in the Arab World. By Leon Border Blair.