Book Review in this Articles

Ibn‘At’Allh (m. 709/1309) et la naissance de la confrérie šdilite. The Hikam of Ibn‘At’Allh; Arabic edition, and translation into French by Paul Nwyia

Punishment of Apostasy in Islam.

Pentalogie Islamo-Chrétienne.

Le Livre de Bilawhar et Bsf selon la version arabe ismaélienne.

Kitb Bilawhar wa Bsf.

Commentaires sur Aristote perdus en grec et autre épîtres.

Edited and annotated by Abdurrahmn Badaw

The Mourides of Senegal: The Political and Economic Organization of an Islamic Brotherhood.

Revolutions and Military Rule in the Middle East, Vol. II: The Arab States.

The Mahdist State in the Sudan, 1881-1898.