Book reviewed in this article:

The Influence of Islam on Medieval Europe. By W. Montgomery Watt

Humanities in the Arabic-Islamic World. By Wilson B. Bishai

Islamic Civilisation: 950–1150. Ed. D. S. Richards

Studies in Arabic Literary Papyri, III. Language and Literature. By Nabia Abbott

An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry. Selected and edited by Mounah A. Khouri and Hamid Algar

Muslim Spain: Its History and Culture. By Anwar G. Chejne

Morocco Under Colonial Rule: French Administration of Tribal Areas, 1912–1956. By Robin Bidwell

La Personnalité et le Devenir Arabo-Islamiques. By Hichem Djalt

Islam and the Confluence of Religions in Uganda, 1840–1966. By Noel King, Abdu Kasozi, Arye Oded

Islam and Social Order in Mauritania; A Case Study from the Nineteenth Century. By C. C. Stewart with E. K. Stewart

Nubians in Egypt: Peaceful People. By Robert A. Fernea and Georg Gerster

Arab Contemporaries: The Role of Personalities in Politics. By Majid Khadduri

The Fall of Jerusalem. By Abdullah Schleifer

Historical and Political Gazetteer of Afghanistan. Vol. 2: Farah and South-western Afghanistan. Edited by Ludwig W. Adamec