Book Reviews in This Article:

Scholars, Sufis and Saints: Muslim Religious Institutions Since 1500. Edited by Nikki R. Keddie.

Sayyid Jaml̄ ad-Dn̄“al-Afghān?”: A Political Biography. By Nikki R. Keddie.

Kitb̄ lkhtilf̄ Usl̄l̄-Madhh̄ib of Qzā? Nuān̄ b. Muāmmad. Edited with a critical introduction by S.T. Lokhand walla.

Islam in Uganda :Islamisation Through a Centralised State in Pre-Colonial Africa. By Arye Oded.

The Politics of Palestinian Nationalism. By William B. Quandt, Fuad Jaber, Ann Mosely Lesch.

Arab Politics in the Soviet Mirror. By Aryeh Yodfat.