Book reviewed in this article:

Fundamentals of Islam. By Haji Mirza Mehdi Pooya.

Islam and the Plight of Modern Man. By Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Recueil des sources arabes concernant I'Afrique Occidentale du VIIIe au XVle siècle (bilǎd al-sǔdǎn). Translation and notea by Joseph M. Cuoq, preface by Raymond Mauny.

Les Musulmans en Afriqua. By Joseph M. Cuoq.

Recueil d'Études sur les Moriscos Andalous en Tunisia. Edited by Miguel de Epalzs and Ramón Petit.

Riza Shah Pahlavi: The Resurrection and Reconstruction of Iran 1878–1944. By Donald N. Wilber.

Mudror to Lauanne: Britain's Frontier in West Asia, 1916–1923. By Briton Cooper Bosch.

Sources de I'Histoire de I'Afrique au Sud du Sahara dans les Archives et Bibliothèques française. II Bibliothèques Vol. 4 of Guide to the Sources of the History of Africa.