Book reviewed in this article:

Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland. Band XVII A 1:Materialien zur arabischen Literaturgeschichte, Teil 1. By Rudolf Sellheim.

Louis Massignon (1883–1962): Christian Ecumenist, Prophet of Inter-Religious Reconciliation. By Gidio Bassetti-Sani, O. F. M. Edited and translated by Allan Harris

Pluralism and Party Transformation in Lebanon: Al-Kata'ib 1936–1970. By John P. Entelis.

The Holy War. Edited by Thomas Patrick Murphy

Islam, Tha Religion of Peace. By K. G. Saiyidain

Millenium and Charisma among Pathans. By Akbar S. Ahmad

The Arab Left. By Tareq Y. Ismael

Historical Gazetteer of Iran. Vol. I: Tehran ad Northwestern Iran. Ed. by Ludwig W. Adamec

Historical and Polltical Gazetteer of Afghanistan. Vol. 3: Herst and Northwestern Afghanistan. Ed. by Ludwig W