Book reviewed in this article:

The Cultural Barrier: Problems in the Exchange of Ideas. By Norman Daniel

The Islamic Pious Foundations in Jerusalem: Origins, History and Usurpation by Israel. By A. L. Tibawi

The Mystical Philosophy of Ibn Masarra and His Followers. By Miguel Asin Palacios, translated by Elmer H. Douglas and Howard W. Yoder

The Old Social Classes and the Revolutionary Movements of Iraq. By Hanna Batatu

Kitāb Ādāb al-Mur?d?n. By Abū al-Naj?b ‘Abd al-Qāhir al-Suhraward?

ŠUŠǦǍ'?, Šams ad-D?n aš-. Die Chronik aš-Šuǧā'?s. Ed. and transl. By Barbara Schäfer.

Deliverance From The Cross. By Muhammad Zafrulla Khan

Al-Ghadir fi ‘l-Kitāb wa’ l-Sunna wa 'l-Adab. By 'Abd al-husayn Ahmad al-Amǐn? al-Najaf?

A Mediterranean Society: The Jewish Communities of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza. Volume III: The Family. By S. D. Goitein

An-Nawnw?'s Forty hadith. Translated by Ezzeddin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies