Book reviewed in this article:

The Land of Promise: A Critique of Political Zionism. By Abedelwahab M. Elmessiri

The Islamic Dynasties: A Chronolological and Genealogical Handbook. By Clifford Edmund Bosworth

Marxism and Other Western Fallacies: An Islamic Critique. By Ali Shari'ati. Trans. by R. Campbell

The Hijaz Railroad. By William Ochsenwald

The History of Egypt. By P. J. Vatikiotis

Islamic and Western Concepts of Civilization. By Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg

Wisdom of Islamic Civilization: A Miscellany of Islamic quotations. Compiled and translated by Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg

Women in Contemporary Muslim Societies. Edited by Jane I. Smith

Electoral Politics in the Middle East: Issues, Voters and Elites. Edited by Jacob M. Landau

Islam and Development: Religion and Sociopolitical Change. Edited by John L. Esposito

To Ride a Magic Carpet. By George W. Braswell

Ǧurǧ? Zaidāk. His Lire and Thought. By Thomas Philipp

The Calligraphy of Islam: Reflections on the State of the Art. By Mohamed U. Zakariya

Egypt's Uncertain Revolution Under Nasser and Sadat. By Raymond William Baker

Weber and Islam: a critical study. By Bryan S. Turner

Karim Khan Zand: A History of Iran, 1747–1779. By John R. Perry

Arabic Loan-Words in Malay: A Comparative Study. 2nd edition. By Dr. Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg

Islam. By Fazlur Rahman

Faith and Belief. By Wilfred Cantwell Smith

The History of the Sudan from the Coming of Islam to the Present Day. 3rd edition. By P. M. Holt and M. W. Daly

The Recitation and Interpretation of the Qur'an: Al-Ghazāl?'s Theory. By Muhammad Abul Quàsem

Al-Ghazāl?on Islamic Guidance. By Muhammad Abul Quasem

The Clouded Lens: Persian Gulf Security and US. Policy. By James H. Noyes