Books reviewed in this article:

The Message of The Qur'ān. Translated and explained by Muhammad Asad.

Knowledge and the Sacred. By Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Understanding Islam: An Introduction to the Moslem World. By Thomas W. Lippman.

The City Within the Heart. By R. C. Zaehner.

Social Mobility in Islamic Civilization—the classical period. By Muhammad Abdul Jabbar Beg.

La Justice dins L'Ancien Testament et Le Coran aux niveaux des mariages et des échanges de biens. By Gaston Wagner.

Le Coran: aux sources de la parole oraculaire. Structures rythmiques des sourates mecquois. By Pierre Crapon de Caprona.

The Authority and Authenticity of Hadith as a Source of Islamic Law. By Mohammad Shabbir.

Islamic Messinnism: The Idea of Mahdi in Twelver Shi'ism. Abdulaziz A. Sachedina.

Al-Mas'ūd? and His World: A Muslim Humanist and His Interest in non-Muslims. By Ahmad M. H. Shboul

Salvation of the Soul and Islamic Devotions. By Muhammad Abul Quasem.

Kitāb Adab al-Qād?; By Abū Bakr Ainline imagemad ibn 'Amr ibn Māhir al-Shaybān?

The Shaping of 'Abbāsid Rule. By Jacob Lassner.

Conversion to Islam in the Medieval Period: An Essay in Quantitative History. By Richard W. Bulliet.

Europe and the Middle East. By Albert Hourani.

The Chronicle of Theophanes: An English translation of the anni mundi 6095–6305 (A. D. 602–813), with introduction and notes. By Harry Turtledove.

The Arabs. By Maxime Rodinson, translated by Arthur Goldhammer.

Fainline image'il al-Bayt al-Muqaddas. By Abū Bakr Muinline imageammad ibn Ainline imagemad al-Wāsi??.

The Government and Politics of Israel. By Don Peretz.

Political Perceptions of the Palestinians on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. By Ann M. Lesch.

The Predominance of the Islamic Tradition of Leadership in Egypt during Bonaparte's Expedition. By Samir Girgis.

Islamic Roots of Capitalism: Egypt, 1760–1840. By Peter Gran.

Die Rebellion der aegyptischen Fallahin 1919. By Reinhard Schulze.

Yemen: The Search for a Modern State. By J. E. Peterson.

Lebanon at Mid-Century: Maronite-Druze Relations in Lebanon 1840–1860: A Prelude to Arab Nationalism. By A. J. Abraham.

An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa. By Charles Issawi.

Oran et L'Ouest Algérien au 18ème Siècle: d'après le rapport Aramburu.

Présentation et traduction de Mohamed El Korso et Mikel De Epalza.

Islam and Political Development in Turkey. By Binnaz Toprak.

Armenian Village Life before 1914. By Susie Hoogasian Villa and Mary Kilbourne Matossian.

On the Sociology of Islam: Lectures by Ali Shari'ati. Translated from the Persian by Hamid Algar.

Poverty and Revolution in Iran: The Migrant Poor, Urban Marginality and Politics. By Farhad Kazemi.

Miracles and Metaphors. By Mirza Abu'l-Fa'1 Gulpāygāni. Trans. from the Arabic and annotated by Juan Ricardo Cole.

The Nizār? Ismā'?l? Tradition in the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent. By Azim Nanji.

Aligarh's First Generation: Muslim Solidarity in British India. By David Lelyveld.

Communal and Pan-Islamic Trends in Colonial India. Edited by Mushirul Hasan.

Pukhtun Economy and Society: Traditional Structure and Economic Development in a Tribal Society. By Akbar S. Ahmed.

The Early Cape Muslims: A Study of Their Mosques, Geneology and Origins. By Frank R. Bradlow and Margaret Cairns.

Revolt in Mindanao: The Rise in Philippine Politics. By T. J. S. George.

The Crescent in the East. Islam in Asia Major. Edited by Raphael Israeli.

Arab and American Cultures. Edited by George N. Atiyeh.

The Arab World and Arab-Americans: Understanding a Neglected Minority. Edited by Sameer Y. Abraham and Nabeel Abraham.

An Olive Branch on the Family Tree: The Arabs in Canada. By Baha Abu-Laban.

Society and the Sexes in Medieval Islam. Edited by Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid-Marsot

An Egyptian Childhood: The Autobiography of Taha Hussein, new edition. Translated by E. H. Paxton.

Khul-Khaal, Five Egyptian Women Tell Their Stories. By Nayra Atiya.

A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 4th ed. (Arabic-English). By Hans Wehr

Interdialectal lexical compatibility in Arabic: An analytical study of the lexical relationships among the major Syro-Lebanese varieties. By F. J. Cadora.