Book reviewed in this article:

Muhammad and the Christian: A Question of Response. By Kenneth Cragg

Orientations pour un dialogue entre Chretiens et Musulmans. By Maurice Bowrrmans

Recherches sur la pensée chrétienne et I'lslam dans les temps modernes et à l'époque contemporaine. By Youakim Moubarac

Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship. By al-Ghazāl?. Translated from Jhyā' by Muhtar Holland

The Multiple States of Being. By René Guénon

Mikhail Naimy: Some Aspects of His Thought as Revealed in His Writings. By Hussein Dabbagh

Muslim Women and Higher Education: a case for separate institutions and a work plan for women's university. By Anis Ahmad and Muslim Sajjad

We Shall Return: Women of Palestine. By Ingela Bendt and James Downing

Bargaining for Reality: The Construction of Social Relations in a Muslim Community. By Lawrence Rosen

The Islamic Conception of Justice. By Majid Khadduri. Foreword by R. K. Ramazani

Islam in the Political Process. Edited by James P. Piscatori

Religion and Politics [Political Anthropology, Vol. 3], Edited by Myron J. Aronoff

From Nationalism to Revolutionary Islam. Edited by Said Amir Arjomand

Iran's Islamic Revolution: Popular Liberation or Religious Dictatorship? by Suroosh Irfani

Religion, Society and the State in Arabia: the Hijaz under Ottoman Control, 1840–1908. By William Ochsenwald

Islam and the Politics of Meaning in Palestinian Nationalism. Nels Johnson

Deutsche Interessen in Syrien und Palästina 1841–1898: Aktivitäten religïoser Institutionen, wirtschaft-liche und politische Einflüsse. By Abdel-Raouf Sinno

Islam and the Search for Social Order in Modern Egypt: a Biography of Muhammad Husayn Haykal. By Charles D. Smith

Muslim Law Courts and the French Colonial State in Algeria. By Allan Christelow

Elements d'histoire culturelle al?erienne. By Abdelkader Djeghloul

Nationalism and Socialism in the Armenian Revolutionary Movement (1887–1912). By Anaide Ter Minassian

The Struggle of Islam in Modern Indonesia (slightly revised reprint). By B. J. Boland