Book reviewed in this article:

Iran Between Two Revolutions, By Ervand Abrahamian

Mollā Sadrā Sh?rāz?: Le Livre des pénétrations métaphysiques (Kitāb al-Mashāir). Translated from the Arabic, with an Introduction and Notes, by Henry Corbin

Le livre du licite et de l'illicite (Kitāb al-halāl wa-l-harām, Book XIV of Al-Gazāl?'s Ihyā Ulūm ad-D?n). Introduction, translation and notes by Régis Morelon

Society, State, and Urbanism: Ibn Khaldun's Sociological Thought. By Fuad Baali

Shari'at and Ambiguity in South Asian Islam. Edited by Katherine P. Ewing

The Making of the Last Prophet: A Reconstruction of the Earliest Biography of Muhammad. By Gordon Darnell Newby

Muslim Hausa Women in Nigeria: Tradition and Change. by Barbara J. Callaway

Neopatriarchy: A Theory of Distorted Change in Arab Society. By Hisham Sharabi

The Islamic Impulse. Edited by Barbara Freyer Stowasser

Christians and Muslims Together: An Exploration by Presbyterians. Edited by Byron L

Ägypten unter Mubarak: Identität und nationales Interesse. by Gudrun Krämer

Towards Understanding the Qur)ān. Vol. 1, Sura 1–3. English version of Sayyid Abul A(la Mawdudi's Tafhim al-Qur(ān, translated and edited by Zafar Ishaq Ansari

Middle East Contemporary Survey. Vol. IX. Edited by Itamar Rabinovich and Haim Shaked.

The Sufi Path of Knowledge: Ibn al-(Arab?'s Metaphysics of Imagination. By William C. Chittick

Colonising Egypt. By Timothy Mitchell

Past-Revolutionary Iran. Edited by Hooshang Amirahmadi and Manouchehr Parvin

Sacred Performances: Islam, Sexuality, and Sacrifice. By M. E. Combs-Schilling

Islam: The Straight Path. By John L. Esposito

Islam, Politics, and Social Movements. Edited by Edmund Burke, III, and Ira M. Lapidus

Veiled Sentiments: Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society. By Lila Abu-Lughod